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  • students walking summerIn a word, we are diverse — women and men of all ages with various cultural‚ ethnic and political backgrounds. But what brings us together is one clear mission: As a forward-thinking, independent Catholic liberal arts college, we want you to become a competent, compassionate, and committed leader.

    There’s something miraculous about Marygrove.

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  • college gatesThe Marygrove College community, with much enthusiasm, has committed itself to pursue an exciting Strategic Vision of Urban Leadership. This vision was developed in a collaborative process with significant input and consensus from a wide variety of campus constituencies and approved by the Board of Trustees in May, 2006.

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  • labuilding frontsharp homebadgeMarygrove College, an independent Catholic liberal arts college sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is committed to fostering Christian values, to educating students from diverse backgrounds, and to serving the people of Metropolitan Detroit and beyond.

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  • ihm logoThe Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary work in partnership with the administration, faculty, staff, and boards to uphold the integrity of the IHM mission in the schools, maintain academic excellence, and keep tradition alive in each of the schools for future generations.

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 Introducing the Marygrove College Urban Leaders Circle…

…An elite group of corporations with an economic and philosophical interest in the success of the City of Detroit and the institutions that support its success.

…An elite group of corporations that see the value of an educational institution rooted in its commitment to the City, dedicated to high quality, cutting edge academic programs that prepare students for an ever-changing, challenging world.

The concept of the Urban Leaders Circle emanated from Marygrove’s strategic vision of fostering Urban Leadership.  The Urban Leaders Circle is a group of our region’s largest companies working in tandem with Marygrove scholars, teachers and other content experts to shape College programming in ways that:

• Develop students as urban leaders in corporate and community settings and
• Engage College resources in focused strategic partnerships with positive impact in the Detroit region.

The Marygrove Urban Leaders Circle (ULC) provides corporate leaders with an opportunity to inform and influence the strategic direction of a high-quality, respected and committed College, not simply a single initiative or program.  This opportunity to leverage College resources—talented scholars and teachers as well as program planning skills and beautiful facilities—is a unique way for corporate leaders to achieve meaningful returns --on their investments of time and money.

How will the Urban Leaders Circle work? After the Presidential Blue Ribbon Panel with mayors of several urban centers, including Detroit, at which ULC members will be present, Dr. David Fike, president of Marygrove College, will convene an initial meeting of the ULC with faculty to focus discussion on key issues of interest to members.  Once the agenda for the year is set and appropriate resources are identified, two meetings per year will occur.  The first will include succinct informative presentations on College plans, programming or research relevant to these issues.  The second will discuss how the College can focus high-level planning resources and leadership to shape programming and strategic partnerships to make a positive impact on those issues the ULC has identified.

Faculty and others will research potential solutions to the most pressing issues for presentation and follow-up discussion with the ULC.  With consensus, tactics will be incubated at Marygrove or at other places within the city after which the ULC will assess their effectiveness and determine their implementation city-wide.

The Marygrove College Urban Leaders Circle is envisioned as a long-term relationship between the College and Metropolitan Detroit’s most respected leaders.

Marygrove College is uniquely positioned to be a catalyst for a successful collaboration because it builds upon its legacy of commitment to serving the City of Detroit and its metropolitan region.  Marygrove’s high-quality academic programs have proven their ability to transform students into competent and compassionate graduates who are committed to social progress.

The Urban Leaders Circle debuts in an auspicious year for Marygrove: the Inauguration of its 8th President Dr. David J. Fike.  Membership in the Urban Leaders Circle requires financial sponsorship, available at various levels with attendant benefits, many tied to the Inauguration, which will draw substantial attention to Detroit from across the country.  Detailed in this booklet are the significant benefits of Premier, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship.

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