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  • students walking summerIn a word, we are diverse — women and men of all ages with various cultural‚ ethnic and political backgrounds. But what brings us together is one clear mission: As a forward-thinking, independent Catholic liberal arts college, we want you to become a competent, compassionate, and committed leader.

    There’s something miraculous about Marygrove.

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  • college gatesThe Marygrove College community, with much enthusiasm, has committed itself to pursue an exciting Strategic Vision of Urban Leadership. This vision was developed in a collaborative process with significant input and consensus from a wide variety of campus constituencies and approved by the Board of Trustees in May, 2006.

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  • labuilding frontsharp homebadgeMarygrove College, an independent Catholic liberal arts college sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is committed to fostering Christian values, to educating students from diverse backgrounds, and to serving the people of Metropolitan Detroit and beyond.

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  • ihm logoThe Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary work in partnership with the administration, faculty, staff, and boards to uphold the integrity of the IHM mission in the schools, maintain academic excellence, and keep tradition alive in each of the schools for future generations.

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Davidica Cronin, IHM ’40 passed away July 29, 2007.

Elizabeth Kennedy Nienstedt ’40 passed away January 31, 2008.

Jane O’Hara Schallert Spehar ’40 passed away on May 10, 2008.

Margaret Murray Dixon’s ’41 husband passed away.

Joan Stanko Hyde ’41 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer July 2007. There were those who would have set her up with hospice and called it a day. God had other plans. She has just completed her 12th and hopefully last necessary chemo treatment for ovarian cancer. Her birthday is June 12th and with the grace of God, Joan is looking forward to a full recovery in her 89th year. She is most grateful for all the prayers. God still works miracles!

Catherine Fitzgerald Vieson’s ’41 sister passed away.

Catherine Fitzgerald Vieson ’41 passed away April 12, 2007.

Mary Ann Schrot Audette’s ’42 husband and brother passed away.

Jeannette Fehner ‘42 joins the VFW Color Guard to play "Taps" at military funerals. Rain, snow, blazing sun: nothing stops the 85-year-old musician from helping area families pay their last respects to a veteran. The Traverse City Noon Rotary Club and the Cherryland VFW Post 2780 recognized Jeannette for her five years of service as an honorary member of the Color Guard, for playing her trumpet at nearly 50 funerals a year.The Noon Rotary Club last week named Fehner a Paul Harris Fellow, an honor named after club founder, and bestowed upon her the Service Above Self Award. Members nominate the award recipient and only a handful are recognized every year.

Fern Hartman Fetter ’42 passed away November 11, 2007.

Helen McGann ’42 passed away September 22, 2007.

Margaret O’Loughlin Shea ’42 passed away September 17, 2007.

Audrey Cousineau, IHM ‘43 passed away October 11, 2007.

Jerellen Deswysen ’43 passed away May 17, 2006.

Nora Schrot Hainline’s ’43 brother passed away.

Sally Smith Lape '43 passed away May 2005.

Marie Madeline Phillips, IHM ’43 passed away January 30, 2008.

Alice Robinson Bolton ’44 passed away on January 29, 2007.

Eileen R. Armbruster Embach ’44 passed away August 19, 2007.

Marie Baron Laughna ’44 passed away June 17, 2006.

Kathryn Herrmann Prusinskas ’44 passed away March 9, 2007.

Mary Leon Robb, IHM ’44 passed away on May 9, 2008.

Maureen Ryan Burkardt’s ’45 sister passed away.

Joan Grace Carry’s ’45 husband passed away.

Marie Louise Davitt ’45 passed away February 11, 2008.

May Barko Foley’s ’45 husband passed away.

Doris Henn, IHM ’45 passed away June 16, 2007.

Mary Cabrini Hohl, IHM ‘45 died September 22, 2007 at the IHM Motherhouse in Monroe, MI. She served on the Marygrove faculty in the Chemistry Department from 1958-1970 and then again in the late 1980's for two years as a visiting professor in the Computer Science Department. She also taught at Catholic Central and Madonna University.

Helen Ann Fitzgerald Horgan ’45 passed away January 25, 2008.

Ann Gabriel Kilsdonk’s, IHM ’45 brother passed away.

Margaret DeTomassi Loeffler ’45 passed away April 8, 2007.

Mary Jane Duffey Mace’s ’45 husband passed away.

Maurine (Hilaire) Mahoney, IHM '45 passed away on June 4, 2008.

Virginia Lauri Palazzola’s ‘45 husband passed away.

Chantal Walsh, IHM ‘45 passed away on February 10, 2007.

Maureen Kirchman Boyle’s ’46 husband passed away.

Betty Sarvene Champlin’s ’46 husband passed away.

Jean Fitzgerald Fitzgerald’s ’46 husband passed away.

Elise Flemming ’46 passed away Mary 9, 2007. M.

Walsh Girardot’s ’46 son passed away.

Eileen Gallagher Hand ’46 passed away January 30, 2007.

Patricia A. Minzing ’46 passed away September 10, 2007.

Claire Bergevin Nixon '46 descended her first ski slope in 1933, the year Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated as the country's 32nd president. Gasoline sold at 10 cents a gallon and a first-class stamp cost 3 cents. Today, you can find Claire, now 83, zig-zagging the same area ski slopes she once graced at age 8. To read the rest of the story, go to:

Patricia Smith Balch ’47 passed away June 6, 2007.

Gloria Steffey Curtin ’47 passed away on August 1, 2007.

Rosemary Chaivre Donohue ’47 passed away April 7, 2007.

Helen Jedlinski Hill ’47 passed away April 3, 2008.

Margaret Heaney Isbell ‘47 passed away April 25, 1007.

Pauline Rosa Nolte ’47 passed away on March 8, 2008.

Jane A. Conley Williams ‘47 received the 2007 Marco Island Civic Association's Humanitarian of the Year Award for her 21 years of service to Meals on Wheels.

Catherine Callaghan Grisdela ’48 passed away March 20, 2008.

Mary Zachary Hurley, IHM ’48 passed away September 20, 2007.

Rose Ange Abraham, IHM ’49 passed away January 7, 2008.

Mrs. Dorathea E. Mossett Brady ‘49
The family of Dorothea Mossett Brady planted a tree in memory of Dorathea and her husband, Joseph on her birthday which was August 21, 2007 on the campus of Marygrove College. Rebecca Brady and Sabina Brady and their two daughters, Erin and Sarah gathered with Dorathea's sister Katherine and her husband Art and her brother, Fr. Robert Mossett. to remember and celebrate the lives of Dorathea and Joseph. The service was followed by a lunch and a tour of the campus.

Joan Potter Elwart ’49 passed away February 27, 2007.

Margaret Johnson Parent’s ’49 son passed away.

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