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  • students walking summerIn a word, we are diverse — women and men of all ages with various cultural‚ ethnic and political backgrounds. But what brings us together is one clear mission: As a forward-thinking, independent Catholic liberal arts college, we want you to become a competent, compassionate, and committed leader.

    There’s something miraculous about Marygrove.

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  • college gatesThe Marygrove College community, with much enthusiasm, has committed itself to pursue an exciting Strategic Vision of Urban Leadership. This vision was developed in a collaborative process with significant input and consensus from a wide variety of campus constituencies and approved by the Board of Trustees in May, 2006.

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  • labuilding frontsharp homebadgeMarygrove College, an independent Catholic liberal arts college sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is committed to fostering Christian values, to educating students from diverse backgrounds, and to serving the people of Metropolitan Detroit and beyond.

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  • ihm logoThe Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary work in partnership with the administration, faculty, staff, and boards to uphold the integrity of the IHM mission in the schools, maintain academic excellence, and keep tradition alive in each of the schools for future generations.

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Maureen McKernan Bogg ’60 passed away January 4, 2004.

Janet Ritchie Francis’s ’60 husband passed away.

Arlene Jackson Ph.D. ’60 passed away January 30, 2007.

Kathryn Kilsdonk Marchetti’s ’60 brother passed away.

Mary Louise (Eileen Therese) Markey, IHM '60 passed away April 3, 2008

Marilyn Brinkman Schneider’s ’60 sister passed away.

Sally Bondie Gacioch ’61 passed away January 23, 2008.

Barbara Surbis Kondalski's '61 husband passed away.

Marilyn (Ann Louis) Schneider, IHM ’61 passed away March 9, 2007.

Mary Ellen (Jeremy) Sheehan, IHM ‘61 celebrated 50 years as an IHM sister in July 2007. A wonderful family and friends party was held at Marygrove in June, bringing together family from all over the USA and from Ireland and friends from all parts of her life. While "officially" retired from teaching theology at the Toronto School of Theology and designated now as Professor Emerita, she continues to teach contractually and to write and lecture widely.

Rosemary Blomme '62 passed away January 2, 2008.

Virginia Guzicki Filar’s ’62 son passed away.

Annemarie (Marie Juda) Askwith, IHM ‘63 created a supportive website for those searching for critical perspectives regarding ourselves in relationship to the Earth. Take a look at

Tana Curaba Louria’s ’63 daughter passed away.

Valerie Klopcic Naegeli ’63 and her husband, Terry enjoy hosting foreign students at Kenyon College where Terry is the Math and Physics Lab Director. This year they are hosting 2 from Romania, 1 from Bulgaria, and 1 from Macedonia. They belong to a Community Singing group and Valerie is president this year. She is looking forward to attending the 08 Homecoming.

Rosaline Donna Secrest ’63 became an Associate of the Sisters of Providence, Terre Haute, Indiana in October 2007 and serves on the congregation's Peace and Justice Committee. She's looking forward to the 2008 Homecoming.

Phyllis R. Emanuele Lopez ’63 passed away May 3, 2007.

Ilene Peters Watts ‘63 retired from St. Patrick Cathedral, Fort Worth, TX, in August 2005, where she had served as the Director of Religious Education for a number of years. Before that she was the DRE at Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Arlington, TX. She received a Masters in Religious Education from the University of Dallas in Irving, TX in the 1980's.She is married and has two daughters and four grandchildren. She serves on the Board of the Cardinal Newman Institute in Arlington, TX. In spring 2007 she traveled with her sister-in-law, Dianne Peters, of St. Clair, MI., on a group pilgrimage to France, including a stop in Lourdes, Paris, and other sites.

Barbara Jean Nienstedt Buttell’s ’65 parents passed away.

Suzanne LaLonde Larabell’s ’65 mother passed away.

Yvonne H. Ortega ‘65 is the author of Hope for the Journey through Cancer, which was recently published by Revell. She is a six and a half year cancer survivor. Yvonne has also been published in The Quiet Hour, The Secret Place, and other magazines. Additionally she is contributing author to the book, The Embrace of the Father.

Colleen Sheridan’s IHM ’65 brother passed away.

Miriam E. Torres MD ‘65 is presently working for Visiting Physicians Association in their Saginaw office and is anxious to hear from classmates.

Alice Beasley ‘66 and David Cohn were married on August 18, 2007 at the home of Gerri Felling Walsh '67 in Lagunitas, California. Professionally she has been making fabric portraits in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1988. Her goal from the start has been to use fabric as a medium of expression. She incorporates the same light, shadow and realistic perspective used by artists in other media, but without the use of paint, dyes or other surface treatments. Instead she uses the ordinary quilter's tools of commercial fabric and thread. Most recently Alice has moved from the layered "quilt" form to fabric compositions that are either stretched on canvas or mounted on a rigid surface such as foam board. She’s proud to be part of the exciting movement that is taking the woman's work we call quilting from "art" to ART! Visit her website at

Kathy Callaghan Callahan’s ’66 father passed away.

Kathleen Holland Corbett’s ’66 mother passed away. On May 17, 2007 her family welcome their new grandson, Sam.

Vicky Czarnocki Eicher ‘66 had her first solo photographic exhibit in Richmond, Virginia, in July 2007. The exhibit featured images of penguins, seals and glaciers, taken during a three week photographic/eco-tourism cruise from the Falkland Islands to Antarctica in December 2005. She is a member of the Board of the Virginia Opera and the Charlottesville Committee on Foreign Relations. On Election Day, she will be working at the polls as an Albemarle County, VA Election Official. She spent last summer training for the Charlottesville Women's 4-Miler, a race that supports the University of Virginia Hospital's Breast Cancer Unit. She's not a runner and walked the distance.

Barbara J. Vervenne ‘66 is working in Austin, Texas at AMD, but planning to semi-retire in early 2008. She would love to connect with fellow Marygrove grads in her area.

Mary Ann Graff DeMattia ‘66 and her husband, Robert Gorlin were featured in a Detroit Free Press article about the Detroit Institute of Arts Renovation:Behind the Scenes (5/20/07) as significant donors having given $1,000 each year for 10 years before donating $500,000 to sponsor a gallery.

Beth A. LaBeau Dusseau ‘67 was named 2007 Alumna of the Year by St. Mary Catholic Central High School, Monroe, MI. She was the first female principal of the high school and served in that position for 8 years.

Rita Kivlin-Flattery ’67 passed away February 10, 2008.

Martha Hayes Franks ‘67 teaches English and Theatre at Twinsburg High School in Twinburg, Ohio. She has two grown sons and three grandchildren. She is President of the local teacher's union. Marti has been married to Dale for 39 years.

Virginia Weisse Gerstner’s ’67 mother passed away.

Eileen Maddox Heasley ’67 and her husband, John who are members of the Troy Rotary Club, have collected enough funds and filters to provide fresh water to more than 10,000 people in five villages in Nepal. "It's amazing," she said, of watching an idea shared by her and her husband of 40 years spread across the world. "It's something beyond anything I could ever think that I could do. And what's amazing is that the Rotary people are putting it in place."

The Heasleys took the initiative after a trip to Nepal revealed appalling water conditions there. The Rotary Club of Troy began by donating two Kanchan BioSand filters to an orphanage.

Besides providing funds and filters to Rotary Clubs in third world countries, they're trying to take their goal to a second level. The BioSand filter can be made anywhere in the world and she and John have studied it and are training other people to make BioSand filters and start small businesses. In February they hosted visitors through Rotary clubs throughout the United States and Canada, with the goal of teaching them how to make their own BioSand filters. They’re always looking for help in their mission to provide fresh drinking water to as many people as possible. The couple's trip to Nepal six years ago has since turned into a yearly journey, which allows the couple to see their progress firsthand. For more information go to

Susan Rakoczy, IHM PhD, ‘67 is celebrating 25 years of ministry in Africa. She went to Ghana in September, 1982 and South Africa in October, 1989. Her most recent book is "Great Mystics and Social Justice: Walking on the Two Feet of Love" (Paulist Press, 2006).

Rita Garliauskas Sakkab's '67 father passed away.

Ann Fetter Cherundolo’s ’68 mother passed away.

Dolores Coulter’s ’68 mother passed away.

Carol Gaynier Greening’s ’68 mother passed away.

Margaret Dixon Kronk’s ’68 father passed away.

Aida Barquet ’69 passed away February 25, 2008.

Joanne (Giovanni) Chiaverini, IHM '69 passed away on June 4, 2008.

Justice Maura D. Corrigan ‘69 spoke at the Women's Equality Day in Grosse Pointe, Michigan on August 26th.

Christine M. Harris ‘69 returned to school in her forties to change careers after working in accounting, education and engineering. A brief encounter with breast cancer delayed the start of her new career as an architect. She worked at several large firms before joining a small new firm last year. She says it took a long time for her to find her niche, but she loves what she does now! She has two bright and beautiful children who are a never ending source of maternal pride. Her daughter, Rachel J. Harris, graduated from Cranbrook, Harvard and Yale Law School and is currrently an attorney in New York City. Her son, Nicholas O. Polk also graduated from Cranbrook and starts his senior year as a history major at the University of Sourthern California in Los Angeles this fall. He's already making plans for graduate school in either law or history. Life is very busy and she never seems to have any free time, but managed to spend ten days in paris in April to celebrate the big six-0.

Katharine D. Dunworth Preston ‘69 shared that ten members of the class of 1969 celebrated 42 years of friendship and turning "Sixty in Seattle" by renting a house on Whidbey Island in July. They were looking forward to reminiscing "old" memories and creating "new" treasure for another 42 years.

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