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Dear Classmates,

It’s that time again. Another progress report. The months are ticking off rapidly and it will be September before we know it. All indications are that we are headed for a great turnout and a great reunion. Attendance should be fantastic. Only 14 of our classmates have sent word so far, that they will be unable to join us for the celebration of our lives . . . and to celebrate our lives! This is all about us! And we are definitely worth it. While a number of our classmates do have serious issues and simply are not able to make the trip they have sent wishes for a great time for the rest of us. We will miss them – each and every one. But a remarkable number of us appear to be up to the challenge and have already made plans to attend. Yeah for us!


At this time (and I might add, well ahead of the June 30th deadline), 18 have already sent their submissions for the memory book, As Time Goes By. So if you have not sent your story yet, look ashamed, and get with the program. We expect the rest of you to submit your stories very shortly. No need to wait for the deadline. We are ready for you! If your story is ready but the picture is not, please do now wait to send both at the same time.  Please send the text (350 words maximum) now so we can get that part completed.

And the request for your story applies even more so to those 14 of you who are unable to attend. If you are one of the 14, please do share the story of your life with the rest of us. You have some very inspiring stories and some pretty interesting ones, as well. You are all a part of us and our special time so please, let us hear from you in the coming month. Having been a teacher, I have to remind you that you are not excused from this assignment just because you cannot attend! You have even a greater reason to send your story. Let’s hear it!

Twenty-three of our beloved classmates are no longer with us, but what a tribute it would be to have someone who knew that classmate write a bit about that friend. If you feel so inclined to write a tribute about one of our deceased classmates, I will put you in touch with anyone else who might be interested in writing about that person so you can collaborate. In case you are wondering who has gone ahead, I’m sure you will remember with great fondness:

Sally Bondie Gacioch
Rose Ellen Callahan
Marguerite Koch
Maureen Loranger Neumaier
Joann Madonna Hartman
Veronica Maher Reilly
Dorothy McGlinn IHM
Ann Murie IHM
Mary Murphy Bolduc
Ann Nickodemus David
Ann O'Hara IHM
Barbara Perkins Beagan
Kathleen Pruneski
Margaret Reilly Wolski
Carmen Rosado IHM
Marilyn Schneider IHM
Judith Skowronski Kihn
Annette Sloan Jaminet
Anna Maria Vichi
Mary Ellen Walsh Nimershiem
Patricia Wider
Genevieve Wreggelsworth
Dianne Smith Groves

I still need permission to print contact information from the following 21 classmates:

Mary Ellen Bowen McGinley
Francia DeBoutaud Chica
Elizabeth Gougeon Weise
Joyce Hill
Marie Hopf
Julia Kosa
Margaret Lehner Leazer
Mary Littleton Addison
Rosemary Michaels Firestone
Mary Jean Moran Kanya
Arlene Pianczk Smigielski
Peggy Posa
Susan Reiff Forton
Geraldine Rostas Joseph
Nancy Smith Yuhasz
Ellen Smytka Peters
Sheila St. Arnold Cinnamon
Joan Thiel
Miriam Velez Lebron
Carol Viglasky Schramek
Mary Earla Wright

 I already have electronic consent to print contact information for 75 of our classmates so we should all be able to contact just about anyone who is still alive quite easily in the months and years to come. Those listed above will receive an extra from in their newsletter this month and I hope they will complete and return it very soon. I accept all forms of permission – even electronic permission! But my time to nag is running out. 

With regard to the MIAs, I can provide some leads but would appreciate some others joining in the search. I just cannot do this myself. Please let me know if you can help. I believe I have information on a couple of them but still no confirmation to date. I are still looking for these MIAs:

Susan Blow Salkowski
Janet Casha Looney
Kathleen Flanigan Millard
Barbara Kowalski
Ann Luma Ragazzi
Anne O'Neill Patten Felcyn
Carol Schwager Murphy
Alicia Tan
Gail Wilkie 

If anyone is planning to stay at the Hyatt Regency and would like to share a room, Gerry Charney Kirkpatrick has offered to coordinate the effort and help put people in touch. What could be better than paying $85 a night for a great hotel room?  Well, how about paying $42.50? (Yes, there will be tax, 14%.) But two comfy double beds, well, that’s not half bad - really. Please contact Gerry directly at: PO Box 481 De Soto KS 66018, (913) 515-1210, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have another month for you to suggest what our Class Gift to Marygrove should support. Please send your ideas to Lois Carroll Dunn at 117 Woodcrest Dr., Roscommon, MI 48653, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call her at (989) 821-5038 but contributions should be sent directly to Alumni Relations director, Diane Puhl at Marygrove College. ( 

All previous monthly letters are on the Marygrove Alumni web site so I won’t repeat past information this time. If you need information about: 

Your page in our memory book:,

Your hotel reservation:

Who plans to attend from your area:

Our fantastic dinner plans and yummy menu:

The Class of ’61 Creates:

Or any other general information, please check out the tabs under our class. They are all available in one place. No need to rummage through piles of old mail. Or for that matter, old emails. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you in just a few months. 

Regards to all,

Anne Searer

Anne (Abel) Searer

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