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  • college gatesThe Marygrove College community, with much enthusiasm, has committed itself to pursue an exciting Strategic Vision of Urban Leadership. This vision was developed in a collaborative process with significant input and consensus from a wide variety of campus constituencies and approved by the Board of Trustees in May, 2006.

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Happy July everyone!

This will be short because right now we are in full production mode to make sure that our memory book, As Time Goes By, is as great as we are.  And, trust me, we are great because we have done great things! If you are just getting around to putting those thoughts together, do send them along soon. But eventually I will need to get the total number of pages we will have (as well as the completed pages themselves) to the printer for an estimate. I hope to have the cost available by August 1st.


As you will see from the reverse side of this sheet, we need feedback from you for a number of things. And that feedback must go to different places. For the dinner: to make the reservation, we must pay ahead of time. So by the time of the dinner, you will believe you are getting a free meal! We have 11 reservations already. Please send your check to Ruth Ann shortly if you plan to join us. Checks will not be cashed until we must pay the bill (by August 15). We need only a few more to reserve the space.

Class of ’61 Creates: I have been asked if we can have a cork board to post pictures of our college days and friends. If you have pictures you would like to post as well as other crafts or displays please contact Barb Tucker Hills and let her know. If you are unable to join us but are interested in sending a voice message to the class, please let Barb know so that she will allow space for my computer and speaker. Then be sure to call my answering machine (717) 533-9636 during the week of August 20-27 to record your message. You can start thinking about your message any time now.

And last but not least, Our Class Gift: please send your contribution to our class gift to Diane Puhl, Alumni Director. From reading all of the submissions sent so far, I am in awe of what we have done as a class. Dedicated professionals, good wives, caring mothers and daughters (or daughters-in-law), all instilled with Christian principles, some from birth, and some from other sources, but all with a common denominator – a Marygrove foundation. Ever wonder what you would have become without Marygrove? I do. You remind me of that each time I read a new submission to our story. We are quite remarkable.

Enjoy the summer. Send in your forms. See you in September! (Sounds like a song title.)


Anne Searer

Anne Abel Searer

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