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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Your world is wide open. You can be anything, do anything, go anywhere. But first, you need to learn about everything so you can choose the best course of study. Ready?


Graduate Programs (62)

Want to go to the next level? We have specialized graduate programs that will make you an expert in your field, boost your salary, and challenge you to be the best you can be.
Graduate Programs

Special Education (6), Educational Leadership (1), Educational Technology (1), English, Graduate (2), Graduate Reading Program (5), Human Resource Management Certificate (1), Human Resource Management Masters (1), Learning Disabilities Certificate (1), Literacy Learning (1), Master in the Art of Teaching (28), Master of Education + Teacher Certification (2), Modern Language Translation (2), Reading & Literacy (5), School Administrator Certificate (1), Social Justice (4)

Online Graduate Programs (4)

Marygrove College offers a variety of graduate programs in an online format. Browse our complete collection here.
Online Graduate Programs

Master in the Art of Teaching (1), Educational Leadership (1), Educational Technology (1), Modern Language Translation (1)

Institutes (41)

If your idea of learning is to dive right in and experience life firsthand, you'll love these innovative programs in math, science and the arts. Our specialized institutes harness highly experiential avenues of study. Students and teachers build knowledge and skill through a broad spectrum of experiences in mathematics, science, the arts, and a wealth of Detroit-area cultural opportunities.

Detroit Studies (36), Institute of Music & Dance (4), Science & Math (1)

Certificate Programs (12)

Marygrove offers 13 areas of certification to help you gain the professional knowledge and experience you need to help you determine your own professional destiny. Why not find out more about one of the certifications that interests you?
Certificate Programs

Science and Math

Socialwork Programs

Dance at Marygrove

MAT Program

English at Marygrove