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Educational Technology

Educational Technology


Chenfeng Zhang, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator

Madame Cadillac Building, Room 213

Direct: (313) 927-1381

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Master of Education in Education Technology, 21 Hour State of Michigan NP Endorsement, Planned Program


Educational Technology

Educational Technology


Marygrove College, in partnership with Lawrence Technological University, now provides educators a means to improve their teaching skills. At the same time, they improve learning for their K-12 students through the use of educational technology. Graduates of the program will become leaders in using computers and integrating educational technology in the classrooms. They will also become technology experts in the school and school district. The M.Ed. program comprises 30 credit hours of graduate study in practice-oriented courses covering all aspects of integrating technology into the classroom. Upon completion of the 21 core credit hours, certified teachers can obtain their NP endorsement. This endorsement is valid with or without the master’s degree. Courses are generally scheduled in the evenings and are offered online.

The Educational Technology programs are designed to develop knowledge and skills in using the computer to enhance teaching, applying emerging technologies to the creation of educational media, participating in decision making about adopting educational technology applications, making presentations to various audiences using appropriate technologies and training and coaching others in the application of technology.


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