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Tal Levy, Ph.D.
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Tal Levy, Ph.D.

Geography Overview

The geography courses offered at Marygrove are designed to provide students with a basic understanding of humanity’s physical and cultural habitat. Geography 199 is a required course for history majors and for students seeking certification in social studies at the elementary and secondary level.

Geography Course Descriptions

GEO 199 World Geography: Regions and Concepts 3 hours
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing, Term: 1, General Education option
A geographic study of world regions with a particular examination of the various geographic factors which contribute to development and under-development in world regions. Also examines current geographic issues and problems.

GEO 301 Cultural Geography 3 hours
Prerequisites: GEO 199‚ ENG 108‚ LS 105, online format
A geographic study of world cultures including mapping‚ culture regions and diffusion‚ cultural ecology, cultural landscapes‚ and cosmology.

GEO 304 Mapping the City: An introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3 hours
Prerequisite: ENG 107, Term 2
This course introduces the concepts and components of a geographic information system (GIS). Through GIS training and software, students will learn to examine Detroit using geospatial data analysis. The course will explore the essential skills of operating a functional GIS through the use of ArcGIS software package. When completing this course, students will understand the operational processes of spatial data acquisition, metadata development, geodatabase design, spatial query and display, spatial analysis and modeling, preliminary GIS application development, cartographic mapping and dynamic visualization, and GIS implementation basics.

GEO 305-OL Urban Geography – online 3 hours
Prerequisite: ENG 108, Term 1
Comparative and analytic study of cities as human expressive arts: global urban form and function, both ancient and modern. Case studies highlight Detroit, other contemporary cities, and emergent forms based on challenges of sustainability, community-making, class divisions, and new economies.