The Marygrove College Class of 1967 will mark our 40th anniversary on September 15, 2007! Our education prepared us to be leaders and we have lived our lives in simple and profound leadership roles, making a difference in our communities, cities, and world. In honor of the occasion, our class has committed to make a significant gift to Marygrove. We want this gift to make a difference and it will.

Our class gift will support Marygrove's strategic plan to provide scholarships to young urban leaders, ensuring that the best and the brightest urban high school students benefit from a Marygrove education just as we did. This is not just a scholarship—it includes mentoring prior to attendance, support during, and scholarship aid over the college years. (Read more about this exciting initiative below.)

What would you give to ensure that America's cities have competent, compassionate and committed leaders? Anything you could, we bet. We set two goals for the campaign: raise $100,000 to endow this exciting initiative and secure 100% participation from the class, hence the campaign name - 100 for 100: Leaders Supporting Leaders.

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(A tuition scholarship to be awarded as part of the Marygrove College Young Urban Leaders Fellowship Program)

In 2007, Marygrove plans to introduce a Young Urban Leaders Fellowship Program which will annually match eight (8) carefully selected local high school students with Marygrove faculty, alumni, and business and community leaders who will serve as leadership coaches and mentors. Each of the students chosen through a rigorous application and selection process will automatically earn a $500 scholarship to Marygrove, an incentive designed to attract local youth who are demonstrating high levels of emerging passion and skills for leadership. The coaches and mentors will be expected to facilitate learning experiences that will help students develop their leadership skills and assume significant roles in their schools and communities. The year-long program will culminate with a formal presentation/essay/speech contest, to be judged by a panel involving high-profile local leaders. The winner of the contest will be named the Young Urban Leader of the Year and will be awarded an additional $5,000 tuition scholarship to Marygrove College. The student will receive the $5,000 scholarship for four years, contingent on performance. This program will assist in identifying and recruiting high-achieving students to Marygrove College.

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Alumni Relations Contact Information

For more information, contact Janice Machusak, Director of Alumni Relations/Alumni Annual Giving at (313) 927-1443 or