The Council of Student Organizations brings together representatives of all organizations on campus to plan activities; share in decision-making related to student activities and concerns; and disburse the Student Activity Fees fund. For more information about CSO, please contact the Special Events Office at 313.927.1477.

Registration of Organizations
New student groups can be formed around other topics. The process is below.

  1. Student Organizations must state their mission and define their purpose and goals for the organization.
  2. Student Organizations should abide by all the Marygrove College policies and procedures as stated in the Marygrove Student Handbook.
  3. All Student Organizations must support the Marygrove College mission statement of competence, compassion, and commitment.
  4. All Student Organizations must have at least 5 current registered Marygrove Students in membership.
  5. All Student Organizations must have a full-time faculty/staff advisor. Faculty/Staff advisor can only advise one student organization at a time.
  6. All Student Organizations must obtain and complete the Petition for New Student Organization forms.
  7. All Student Organizations must submit to the Special Events Office an organization constitution and membership list. (A membership list should be submitted each academic year.)
  8. Returning Student Organizations are required to submit a Student Organization Status Report, updated authorization forms, and a membership list each fall semester.
  9. All Student Organization Presidents are required to attend all of the Council for Student Organizations meetings to remain an active student organization on campus.
  10. New Organizations and their Advisors must attend the Annual Training Workshop. (Held in the Fall semester).
  11. All Student Organizations must attend the Student Leadership Workshop. This workshop is mandatory to receive your organization start-up funds and any petitions for student activity fees.
  12. All Student Organizations are given a campus account to be utilized for any monies (fund raisers, stipends, etc.) received by the student organization. Any student accounts (on or off campus accounts) is to be governed by the organization advisor.
  13. Failure to adhere to the policies and procedures set for student organizations could result in one or all of the following: being placed on probation, being sanctioned, being placed on an inactive list, and or being banned as a student organization of the college.