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Michigan Colleges Foundation Launches New Speaker Series

In terms of health care, how well are we really doing in Detroit? Along with three of the city’s biggest stakeholders, Marygrove President David Fike has been invited to participate in a panel discussion October 19 at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Auditorium in Detroit. The program is just one of a new, ongoing speaker series that the Michigan Colleges Foundation (MCF) is sponsoring throughout the state.  Dr. Fike is joined by President and CEO of Detroit Medical Center, Michael Duggan and President and CEO of Hudson-Webber Foundation, David Egner. Mary Kramer, Publisher of Crain’s Detroit Business, will moderate.

MCF is a consortium of 14 private institutions that refers to itself as the state’s “third largest university” with over 35,000 students enrolled.  The speaker series will give member colleges a greater voice in the critical issues that Michigan faces today. “This program is an opportunity to showcase what we (MCF) represent,” said Robert Bartlett, Ph.D, MCF President. “It is designed to address topics of relevance.” The talent that MCF colleges and universities have to offer should be a vital part of the conversation, since they are a vital part of Michigan’s future. In fact, 70 percent of MCF students are Michigan residents, and the majority of them remain in the state after graduation.

The Dr. Is In

David Fike, Ph.D., is one of those talents—a man with extensive expertise in urban revitalization. At the helm of Marygrove College since 2007, he serves on the board of New Detroit, Inc. and has held numerous appointed positions across the country, on boards and commissions such as the Bioscience Workforce Advisory Team for the city of Oakland, CA and the Bay Area’s Community Capital Investment Initiative. As a recipient of the prestigious Kellogg National Leadership Fellowship, he investigated innovative public/private partnerships creating sustainable development strategies for low-income urban communities.

Dr. Fike and Marygrove are truly on the frontlines of Detroit’s re-emergence. Marygrove is a long-standing, intimate campus of 53 wooded acres, smack in the middle of a hurting city…and it continues to be a peaceful, secure haven of learning where retention rates are soaring high. There’s tangible proof that Marygrove’s Roman Catholic activist roots are in good hands; Fike is answering the urban call with compassion and swiftness. Last fall, Marygrove collaborated with Oakland University to bring an accelerated one-year nursing degree program to area students, addressing the region’s urgent nursing shortage, and overall need for job training. Innovative programs like Midnight Golf for youth are growing strong, too, even serving as an example to other communities around the nation wanting to keep local kids safe, healthy, and off the streets. Fike understands that empowered students grow into productive adults. That’s good medicine for a place like Detroit.

“The Health Care Economy: Building Blocks for Detroit’s Future” will attract everyone from small business owners to leaders of large industry alike-- anyone who has a concern about the status quo of health care in Detroit-- which is still considered to be one of the leading growth areas in southeast Michigan. Space is limited, but the positive vibe for Detroit and its surrounding area is inspiring. RSVP to LuAnn Warren at MCF, (248) 356-3114 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The program begins at 8 a.m.  Admission is free.