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ihm sisters 2012

MONROE, Mich. – On Saturday, June 30, the six members of the 2012 Leadership Council of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) took office during a Liturgy in the IHM Motherhouse Chapel.

The six sisters are Mary Jane Herb, IHM, president; Sharon Holland, IHM, mission councilor/vice president; Helen Ingles, IHM, mission councilor/chief financial officer; Margaret Alandt, IHM, mission councilor; Mary Ann Bredice, IHM, mission councilor; and Patricia McCluskey, IHM, mission councilor. They will serve until 2018.
The new Leadership Council members voiced their pledge to living “the liberating mission of Jesus challenged by the Gospel, the spirit of Vatican II, the Earth Charter” and the IHM commitment to sustainability.

In her reflection during the celebration, IHM President Sister Mary Jane Herb spoke of “recognizing our connection to the universe, to the people who for years faced challenging times, committed to live the Gospel message…
            “We believe that collaboration with our sisters and brothers is critical as we move forward, speaking truth to power in these challenging political, societal and ecclesial times,” Sister Herb said. “As we leave the Chapel today, we, as members of the Leadership Council, will invite you to join us as we walk into our shared future.  No, let us not walk but let us soar into our future together, with a future full of hope!”

The ceremony also paid tribute to all the congregational leaders in the IHM Sisters’ 166-year history.


Founded in 1845, the IHM Sisters continue their traditional ministry in education and also serve in ministries such as pastoral care, church and parish ministry, spiritual and psychological counseling, social services, justice advocacy, direct service to those who are poor and educational programs on the principles and practices of sustainable living. The sisters can be found in South Africa, Mexico, Puerto Rico and throughout the United States.

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